Team Media Rare

Brian Chladil has been employed in the music industry since 1984 and has had extensive experience in festival production, with more than 120 safe outdoor events under his leadership. Coupled with artist management, event management and national and international tour management and production, Brian has a wealth of event and entertainment industry experience and contacts.

Georgia Beehag is a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) and began working at Media Rare in 2010. Georgia is our General Manager, Events and is our principal event manager.

Kate Chladil studied Graphic Design at Qld College of Art and has worked as a professional graphic artist and designer, including 9 years on staff with leading youth fashion house Mambo. Kate practices as an artist and has had many years experience on backstage set design and theming. Kate is the Media Rare Art Department.

Henry Chladil is a Bachelor of Information Technology graduate and oversees the website and other technical aspects of the business.

Our contract event staff has a great range of qualifications and experience within their respective careers and industries. This provides the company with great ideas, skills, relevance and extensive networks, nationally and internationally, in the entertainment and arts industries.